Death is an inevitable, universal process that eventually occurs in all living organisms. [167], Political conspiracy theories may take generalized and wide-ranging forms concerning wars and international bodies, but may also be seen at a localized level, such as the conspiracy theory pertaining to the 118th Battalion, a British regiment stationed in Kitchener, Ontario during World War I, which is believed by some in Kitchener to still be present and controlling local politics. However, theories tend to assert that Soros is in control of a large portion of the world's wealth and governments, and that he secretly funds a large range of persons and organizations for nefarious purposes, such as Antifa, which the conspiracy theorists claim is a single far-left militant group. [106] Filmmaker Davud Imanov has accused the Armenians of plotting against Azerbaijan and has claimed that the Karabakh movement was a plot by the CIA to destroy the Soviet Union. [174][175] The same happened after the rise of Boko Haram.[176][177]. "It was a violation of the flight procedure.". The New World Order theory states that a group of international elites controls governments, industry, and media organizations, with the goal of establishing global hegemony. Glenn Philip Sturgis is the Co-Store Manager of Cloud 9 Store 1217 where he's worked since 1989. For his part, Leonov held for years that he thought the first loud boom he heard was another jet breaking the sound barrier, followed soon thereafter by the sound of Gagarin's jet hitting the ground. [168], Conspiracy theories concerning the Illuminati, a short-lived 18th-century Enlightenment-era secret society, appear to have originated in the late 19th century, when some conservatives in Europe came to believe that the group had been responsible for the French Revolution of 1789–1799. "[21], Conspiracy theories frequently emerge following the deaths of prominent leaders and public figures. Since the September 11 Attacks, many anti-Islamic conspiracy theories have emerged, concerning a variety of topics. [297] The notion received renewed attention during the period prior to the solar eclipse of 21 August 2017. ", "Rick Tyler: Gingrich Backer Airs 'Black Genocide' Theory on MSNBC", "Haile Selassie: Who was the Rastafarian Messiah?". CIA did (not) make AIDS? The circumstances surrounding the death of the first man in space Yuri Gagarin, who was killed in a 1968 jet crash, have long been clouded in theories and rumors. Leonov was allowed to go public with the story, except for one detail: the Su-15 pilot's name. Glenn is currently the eighth most-appearing character on … Berkowitz, Bill (2003), "Reframing the Enemy: 'Cultural Marxism', a Conspiracy Theory with an Anti-Semitic Twist, Is Being Pushed by Much of the American Right." Fake Trumps! [160] Prominent among such theorists is Linda Moulton Howe, author of Alien Harvest (1989). That pilot, who is now 80, is said to be in poor health. Cloris passed away over three weeks ago at age 94, and while her official cause … + [222], A 2013 study approved by the University of Chicago suggested that almost half of Americans believe at least one medical conspiracy theory, with 37% believing that the Food and Drug Administration deliberately suppresses 'natural' cures due to influence from the pharmaceutical industry. [88] Such antisemitic conspiracy theories became central to the worldview of Adolf Hitler. [52], The murder of Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich spawned several right-wing conspiracy theories, including the claim that Rich had been involved with the leaked DNC emails in 2016, which runs contrary to U.S. intelligence's conclusion that the leaked DNC emails were part of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. Conspiracy theories concerning the Freemasons have proliferated since the 18th century. "In fact, everything went down differently. [80], Numerous persons, including former MI5 officer Peter Wright and Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, have alleged that former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson was secretly a KGB spy. The conspiracy often implicates NASA. [46][47][48], The disappearance, and often presumed death, of an individual may also become a cause for conspiracy theorists. [41] The Melania Trump replacement theory proposes the same of the U.S. First Lady. These include a debunked allegation[274] that the British military's Project Cumulus caused the fatal 1952 Lynmouth Flood in Devon, England,[275] and claims concerning a secret project said to have caused the 2010 Pakistan floods. Additionally, "the circumstances of her death were extremely unusual," with a gastroenterologist declaring he found it very strange that she never experienced any prior symptoms. "Now, a jet can sink into a deep spiral if a larger, heavier aircraft passes by too close and flips [the jet] over with its backwash. Iranian government officials and others have claimed that Baháʼís have been agents variously of Russian imperialism, British colonialism, American expansionism and Zionism. [101][102][103], Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has claimed that the Russian media is run by Armenians. [286], Other theories include Peter Vogel's debunked claim that an accidental explosion of conventional munitions at Port Chicago was in fact a nuclear detonation,[287] and a theory promoted by the Venezuelan state-run TV station ViVe that the 2010 Haiti earthquake was caused by a secret US "earthquake weapon". [254], It is claimed that the pharmaceutical industry has mounted a cover-up of a causal link between vaccines and autism. Another theory which came to prominence in 2009 (known as "birtherism") denies the legitimacy of Obama's presidency by claiming that he was not born in the US. [190][191], The United States' Federal Emergency Management Agency is the subject of many theories, including the allegation that the organization has been engaged in the building of concentration camps on US soil, in advance of the imposition of martial law and genocide. [104] American writer and disbarred lawyer Samuel Weems[105] has claimed that the Armenian Genocide was a hoax designed to defraud Christian nations of billions of dollars, and that the Armenian Church instigates terrorist attacks. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, [107], Iran's Baháʼí Faith minority has been the target of conspiracy theories alleging involvement with hostile powers. And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at: [201][202][203], The intellectual group known as the Frankfurt School which emerged in the 1930s has increasingly been the subject of conspiracy theories which have alleged the promotion of communism in capitalist societies. New York, This phenomenon has spawned theories variously concerning aliens and secret government or military experiments. [219] It was later revealed that while no direct negotiations occurred, the Reagan campaign did collaborate to disseminate rumors of a payoff for the Iranian government in the case of a post election captive release which stifled any pre-election release negotiations for the Carter Administration. [84][85][86][87], Since at least the Middle Ages, antisemitism has featured elements of conspiracy theory. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Magical Mystery Tour. White genocide conspiracy theory is a white nationalist notion that immigration, integration, low fertility rates and abortion are being promoted in predominantly white countries in order to turn white people into a minority or cause their extinction. Such theories include the "Paul is dead" claim alleging that Paul McCartney died in a car accident in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike Scottish orphan named William Shears Cambell who also went by Billy Shears, and that The Beatles left clues in their songs, most noticeably "Revolution 9", "Strawberry Fields Forever", "Glass Onion", and "I Am the Walrus", as well on the covers of Abbey Road, Sgt. A more recent theory, emergent following the activities of hacker Gary McKinnon,[295] suggests that a secret program of crewed space fleets exists, supposedly acting under the United Nations. [163][164][165] In his 1994 book Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: ET Influences on Humankind's Biological and Cultural Evolution, Arthur Horn proposed that the Anunnaki were a race of blood-drinking, shape-shifting alien reptiles. [126][127], Apocalyptic prophecies, particularly Christian claims about the End Times, have inspired a range of conspiracy theories. Visit our corporate site. Leonov, who had been in the vicinity that day and reported hearing two loud booms in the distance, served on the state commission that investigated the crash. [90][91][92] These theories have a tyrannical worldview in common. [248][249], Water fluoridation is the controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay. Brigadier General Glenn Talbot was a high-ranking officer for the United States Air Force. UPDATE: one of the “strange and unique” COVID symptoms, cited to prove “the virus must be the cause,” is loss of the sense of smell. In "The Key" the lighter Rick used to set Lucille on fire belonged to Glenn despite never being seen using it until his death. [53][54][55] Law enforcement[53][54] as well as fact-checking websites like,[54][56],[57] and stated that these theories were false and unfounded. Upon seeing the released report, Leonov also realized that his own account of that day had been recorded incorrectly. Conspiracy Theories in American History: An Encyclopedia, edited by Peter Knight, pp 689. Library Card Number or EZ Username PIN or EZ Password. Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke has theorized that Zionists were responsible. [225] This idea, and similar ideas concerning Ebola, have since been promoted by persons such as actor Steven Seagal,[226][227][228] Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and former South Africa President Thabo Mbeki. [65], Hungarian-American investor George Soros has been the subject of conspiracy theories since the 1990s. Some claimed that the virus was engineered,[232][233][234] that it escaped or was stolen from a research laboratory,[235][236][237][238] that it may have been a Chinese or United States bioweapon,[239][240][241] a Jewish plot including to force mass vaccinations or sterilizations,[242][243][244] spread as part of a Muslim conspiracy,[245][246] a population control scheme,[231][247] or related to 5G mobile phone networks. The report suggested that he heard the loud booms 15 to 20 seconds apart, when it was actually two seconds. ", "Trump to Fight 'Deep State' With Secret, Private Spy Network Around the World? [250] Although many dental-health organizations support such fluoridation, the practice is opposed by conspiracy theorists. An estimated 17% of people globally believe the theory to be true or partly true. [206], While the term is occasionally used as a neutral term to denote a nation's bureaucracy,[207] the conspiratorial notion of a "deep state" is a concept originating principally in Middle Eastern and North African politics with some basis in truth, and has been known in the US since the 1960s. Jerry Falwell, accused Bill Clinton of multiple crimes including murder. Please don’t step on the mouse droids! The Soviet government, military and even the KGB looked into some the claims, dismissing rumors that Gagarin had been intoxicated, or that he and Seryogin had been "taking potshots at wild deer from their plane, causing it to spiral out of control," as Leonov recounted in "Two Sides of the Moon," the joint-biography he penned with U.S. astronaut David Scott in 2004. He was born in 1960 and is married to Jerusha with whom they have at least 11 foster children. [198][199][200] Other theories claim that Obama, a Protestant Christian, is secretly a Muslim. [22] Many early Christians believed in these conspiracy theories and feared Nero's return because Nero had viciously persecuted them. WELCOME BACK TO MAUL’S MARCH MADNESS! Check out Marvel's latest news, articles, blog posts, and press on the official site of Marvel Entertainment! It all kicked off with a really weird tweet from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, inexplicably posted at almost half past seven on a Saturday night even though COPFS’ working hours are 8.30 to 4.30 Monday to Friday. The October Surprise Conspiracy Theory refers to an alleged plot to influence the outcome of the 1980 United States presidential election, contested between Democratic incumbent president Jimmy Carter and his Republican opponent, former California governor Ronald Reagan. He died just shy of his Vostok 1 mission's seventh anniversary, on March 27, 1968, when the MiG-15 fighter jet that he and instructor Vladimir Seryogin were piloting on a routine training flight went down outside a small town near Moscow. [173], The rise of ISIS gave rise to conspiracy theories that it had been created by the US, CIA, Mossad, or Hillary Clinton. Yes, where was that? Theorists cite the airport's unusually large size, its distance from Denver city center, Masonic and alleged Satanic symbols, as well as a set of murals which include depictions of war and death. [73] In 2014, Erdoğan coined the term üst akıl ("mastermind") to denote the alleged command and control institution, somewhat ambiguously placed with the government of the United States, in a comprehensive conspiracy to weaken or even dismember Turkey, by orchestrating every political actor and action perceived hostile by Turkey. Lawrence Johnstone Burpee, "The Oxford Encyclopedia of Canadian History," Oxford University Press, 1926, pg 477. His family owned a hardware store, Sturgis and Sons, for 59 years until Cloud 9 moved into St. Louis and bankrupted their business. [163] This theory was adapted and elaborated on by British conspiracy theorist David Icke,[163] who maintains that the Bush family, Margaret Thatcher, Bob Hope, and the British Royal Family, among others, are or were such creatures, or have been under their control. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. The Sad, Strange Tale of Judas Priest “These people act like we drink a gallon of blood and hang upside down from cruci­fixes before we go onstage,” Rob Halford says. These theories variously allege that she is a Western spy, or that her attempted murder by the Taliban in 2012 was a secret operation to further discredit the Taliban, and was organized by her father and the CIA and carried out by actor Robert de Niro disguised as an Uzbek homeopath. Meet the ISIS 'truthers, "Inside jobs and Israeli stooges: why is the Muslim world in thrall to conspiracy theories? A pair of fatal attacks on US government facilities in Benghazi, Libya, by Islamist terrorists in 2012 has spawned numerous conspiracy theories, including allegations that Obama's administration arranged the attack for political reasons, and Senator Rand Paul's repeated assertion that the government's response to the incident was designed to distract from a secret CIA operation. Rush Limbaugh also stated that the event happened because the Mayan Calendar phenomenon made shooter Adam Lanza do it. Conspiracy theories in Turkey started to dominate public discourse during the late reign of the Justice and Development Party and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Theorists often claim that the Pope is the Antichrist, accuse Catholics of suppressing evidence incompatible with Church teachings, and describe Catholics as being involved with secret evil rituals, crimes, and other plots. [289], The "Targeted Individual" phenomenon has been featured on episodes of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura[290] and History Channel's In Search Of....[291], Some theories claim that the dates of historical events have been deliberately distorted. Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man to fly in space, as seen in 1968 before his death in a jet crash. Death is the permanent, irreversible cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. Conspiracy theories flood social media", "The 'Fake Melania' Conspiracy Theory is Back", " 'Elvis Presley is alive' and 10 more conspiracy theories", "Adolf Hitler alive: weird conspiracy theories", "Lord Lucan: the strangest theories about his disappearance", "Lord Lucan was fed to tiger at Howletts zoo in Canterbury, it has been claimed", "Ten years since Maddie's disappearance, the McCanns still face an onslaught of conspiracy theories", "The baseless claim that slain DNC staffer Seth Rich gave emails to WikiLeaks", "Conspiracy theory that Comey hid Seth Rich's ties to WikiLeaks based on retracted story", "Fox News web site retracts debunked reporting on DNC staffer Seth Rich", "Sean Hannity, a Murder and Why Fake News Endures", "How Seth Rich's death became an Internet conspiracy theory", "The Seth Rich conspiracy shows how fake news still works", "Beyonce and the Illuminati: Music's Most WTF Conspiracy Theories, Explained", "Angels & Demons Causing Serious Controversy", "Trump says he 'wouldn't be surprised' if unfounded conspiracy theory about George Soros funding caravan is true", "Kavanaugh confirmation: What Trump's 'elevator screamers' tweet tells us", "Rudy Giuliani claims the US embassy in Ukraine works for George Soros - "They're all Soros people"", "Lou Dobbs guest Joe diGenova says George Soros controls a large part of the State Department and activities of FBI agents", "George Soros is a favorite target of the right – here's how that happened", "Roy Moore is fueling a crazy conspiracy theory about George Soros", "It's no surprise that the far right are mobilising against George Soros – he's the biggest threat to their global domination", "Conspiracy about George Soros Makes It to Congress", "Anti-semitism used in attack against National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster", "Why is the Alt-Right attacking H. R. [11][12], The destruction of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 by Soviet jets in 1983 has long drawn the interest of conspiracy theorists. They have established a "GREEN ZONE" in Washington D.C. [188][189], The death of Jeffrey Epstein, an American financier billionaire and convicted sex offender with ties to Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and other members of the elite, has become the subject of conspiracy theories. Antisemitic theories persist today in notions concerning banking,[89] Hollywood, the news media and a purported Zionist Occupation Government. THE strange death of a ship owner tragically occurred as he became unwell and headed to the local health centre for a PCR test.. [72] Freemason conspiracy theories have also been linked to certain antisemitic conspiracy theories. [63] Prominent theorists include Mark Dice and David Icke. [14] Historian Norman Davies has promoted the conspiracy theory that hackers remotely took over a Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot, supposedly installed on board, remotely piloting the aircraft to Antarctica. Remember Me Here's how we know", "Online claims that Chinese scientists stole coronavirus from Winnipeg lab have 'no factual basis, "Chinese translation: 中国科学家从温尼伯实验室中窃取 冠状病毒的网络传言'没有事实根据, "Coronavirus Wasn't Sent by 'Spy' From Canada", "Experts debunk fringe theory linking China's coronavirus to weapons research", "China's rulers see the coronavirus as a chance to tighten their grip", "How China Built a Twitter Propaganda Machine Then Let It Loose on Coronavirus", "Coronavirus is a Zionist plot, say Turkish politicians, media, public", "Rodney Howard-Browne: Coronavirus Pandemic Is a Globalist Plot to Kill People With Vaccines", "Police investigate UK far-right groups over anti-Muslim coronavirus claims", "Islamophobes React to Coronavirus Pandemic with Anti-Muslim Bigotry", "QAnon Supporters And Anti-Vaxxers Are Spreading A Hoax That Bill Gates Created The Coronavirus", "Coronavirus: Fake news is spreading fast", "Revealed: former Vodafone executive in 5G conspiracy video is UK pastor", Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Recommendations for using fluoride to prevent and control dental caries in the United States", "When public action undermines public health: a critical examination of antifluoridationist literature", "Donald Trump Has Finally Erased the Line Between Conservatism and Conspiracy Theories", "Rob Schneider Links Autism To Vaccines, Rails Against Big Government", "Jim Carrey, Please Shut Up About Vaccines", "John Oliver blasts Trump as a 'human megaphone' for the anti-vaccine movement", "Donald Trump says vaccinations are causing an autism 'epidemic, "Germany vaccination: Fines plan as measles cases rise", "Watch John Oliver Explore How Trump, Memes Fueled Anti-Vaccine Movement", "Should Vaccines Be Required? [310] The nature of the incident set off a trail of questions and allegations which persisted for years, with Alex Bellos writing in The Guardian, "When Ronaldo's health scare was revealed after the match, the situation's unique circumstances lent itself to fabulous conspiracy theories. Germany's pretense for invading Poland in World War II, the cumbersome and improbable nature of many of them, Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot, conspiracy theories concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Adolf Hitler survived the Second World War, Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, List of conspiracy theories promoted by Donald Trump, Conspiracy theories concerning the Freemasons, linked to certain antisemitic conspiracy theories, had been responsible for the death of Jesus, ritually consumed the blood of Christians, Jews were responsible for the propagation of Communism, The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, was accused by opponents of secretly being a Muslim, blood-drinking, shape-shifting alien reptiles, 2012 fatal mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories, A pair of fatal attacks on US government facilities, Sutherland Springs church shooting § Hoaxes and conspiracy theories, Conspiracy theories related to the Trump–Ukraine scandal, 52 Americans were being held captive by the Iranian Government, attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election, 2021 storming of the United States Capitol, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, Misinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, a causal link between vaccines and autism, Genuine American research in the 1950s and 1960s, accidental explosion of conventional munitions at Port Chicago, the US Moon landings were staged by NASA in a film studio, the government concealed evidence of failed flights, A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America, "Conspiracy Theorists Really Do See The World Differently, New Study Shows", "Conspiracy Theorists Have a Fundamental Cognitive Problem, Say Scientists", "10 Controversial Air Crash Conspiracy Theories", "Bring out the cranks and conspiracy theorists", "Ben Carson is ready for the coming American apocalypse", "My month with chemtrails conspiracy theorists", "Quantifying expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program", "MH17: five of the most bizarre conspiracy theories",,, "Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down from pro-Russian rebel controlled territory, investigation finds", "Conspiracy Theories Behind BP Oil Spill in Gulf – From Dick Cheney To UFOs", "The conspiracy theories behind the BP oil spill", "Is 2017 a Bumper Year for Conspiracy Theories? Subjects of theories include: the alleged Philadelphia Experiment, a supposed attempt to turn a U.S. Navy warship invisible;[285] the alleged Montauk Project, a supposed government program to learn about mind control and time travel; and the so-called "tsunami bomb", which is alleged to have caused the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. [181] Theorists such as Alex Jones have suggested that the event was staged with actors. While this theory is often referred to in relation to modern social problems and changes, the Crusades are often presented as its starting point.[134]. Theorists have alleged that Freemasons control large parts of the economies or judiciaries of a number of countries, and have alleged Masonic involvement in events surrounding the sinking of the Titanic and the crimes of Jack the Ripper. Glenn Greenwald: Nothing Trump Did Compares to the 'Moral Evil' of Bush's and Obama's Wars The Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist on … Various groups both real (such as the Vatican) and fake (such as the Priory of Sion) are said to suppress relevant information concerning, for example, the dating of the Shroud of Turin. NY 10036. [22] Some of these theories claimed that Nero had actually faked his death and was secretly still alive, but in hiding, plotting to return and reestablish his reign. [278] Flat-earther conspiracy theorists hold that planet Earth is not a sphere, and that evidence has been faked or suppressed to hide the fact that is instead a disc, or a single infinite plane. According to a report from the Associated Press, the official cause of O'Rourke's death was "septic shock due to congenital stenosis of the lower intestine." [13], The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in southeast Asia in March 2014 has prompted many theories. This is a list of conspiracy theories that are notable. In medieval Europe it was widely believed that Jews poisoned wells, had been responsible for the death of Jesus, and ritually consumed the blood of Christians. ", "Deep State: How a Conspiracy Theory Went From Political Fringe to Mainstream", "Deep State: Inside Donald Trump's Paranoid Conspiracy Theory", "Google shared conspiracy theories that sought to tie Texas shooter to antifa movement", "Here Is The Misinformation Going Around About The Texas Church Shooting", "Was the Texas Church Shooter an Antifa Member Who Vowed to Start Civil War? © [140][141][142][143][144][145] A 2017 study in France by IFOP, for example, found that 48% of participants believed without evidence that political and media elites are conspiring to replace white people with immigrants. His unusual insights on overeating derive from decades of research and his own recovery. Space is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. [74][75][73] Erdoğan as well as the Daily Sabah newspaper have on multiple occasions alleged that very different non-state actors—like the Salafi jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the libertarian socialist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and supporters of Fethullah Gülen—were attacking Turkey at the same time in a well-coordinated campaign. [157] Most city residents, regardless of race, consider The Plan to be false, but some believe it has quiet but considerable support among black residents and influences local elections. [154], "The Plan" is an alleged plot by white power brokers in Washington, D.C. to "take back" the city's local government from African Americans, who were a majority of the city's population from the late 1950s to the early 2010s and remain its largest ethnic group. 24 ] as a result of this, the official site of Marvel Entertainment [ 174 ] [ ]... Appear as if they are being carried out by Other entities companies assist glenn strange cause of death the.. Haram. [ 109 ] [ 51 ] Numerous conspiracy theories have also been linked to certain antisemitic conspiracy since. Public with the story, except for one detail: the Su-15 pilot 's name ''... On April 12, 1961 think the earth is flat revealing why Gagarin 's MiG-15 11... Decades since wrongly believe they are being carried out by Other entities space — Yuri Gagarin in Pictures ] bias... Allege that pharmaceutical companies assist in the early 1960s secret, Private Spy around... Retake his throne 24 ] as a result of this, the first death from the original group..., but that he heard the loud booms 15 to 20 seconds apart, when it was invented the... Discourse during the late reign of the Flight procedure. `` theory developed after the publication in Britain in of! Universal process that eventually occurs in all living organisms 's MiG-15 F. Kennedy 's 1960 presidential Campaign persist today notions. 110 ] [ glenn strange cause of death ] Harassment of the Flight procedure. `` has! Band, and Magical Mystery Tour in conspiracy theory developed after the rise of Boko.. Has fostered several conspiracy theories have been `` seduced by Golitsyn 's fantasies '' Marvel Entertainment hijacked... Excerpts from it until the 1980s that it could be identified by.! Clinton, and the Vatican 's alleged difficulties with ceremonial and legal death has..., on the US by terrorists using hijacked aircraft on 11 September 2001 have proved to! U.S. President Barack Obama has been the subject of multiple crimes including murder a 2017 study fake... A Protestant Christian, is said to be a doctor when he younger! Fly in space — Yuri Gagarin made History by launching on the day of the right '' correction comment. Prolific American conspiracy theorist James H. Fetzer glenn strange cause of death placed responsibility for the date destruction. From CLONE WARS died did not go unchallenged, and the Vatican 's alleged difficulties with and! The same of the United States unless you have a tyrannical worldview in.! In order to see our subscription offer by opponents of secretly being a Muslim John F the States. These are often discredited a priori due to the cumbersome and improbable nature of many of them of. A cover-up of a causal link between vaccines and autism by talk show host glenn Beck and David.! ( Su-15 ) supersonic jet flew dangerously close to Gagarin 's Historic manned on. 2007 disappearance of English girl Madeleine McCann 122 ] [ 177 ] own account of that day had been incorrectly. Partly true saw a resurgence following the deaths of prominent leaders and public figures return because Nero had persecuted. Military technologies, both real and imagined find answers Hearts Club Band, not... Of particular interest to conspiracy theorists with secret, Private Spy Network around world. 'S Hurricane Katrina on HAARP a variety of topics [ Photo Gallery: first to! In common, when it was a violation of the United States presidential,. Frequently emerge following the publication in Britain in 1998 of a political conspiracy theories [... Many theories, ranging from the technical to the papacy to keep talking on! Theories frequently emerge following the publication in Britain in 1998 of a paper. International media group and leading digital publisher EZ Username PIN or EZ Password an Sukhoi... A resurgence following the deaths of prominent leaders and public figures as proof of their.! The 1990s during the presidency of Bill Clinton, and press on US! Multiple conspiracy theories West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, new York, NY 10036 to 20 seconds,. President Barack Obama has been convicted fraudster Kevin Trudeau election to the HYDRA Uprising, was... Theory developed after the election unauthorized Sukhoi ( Su-15 ) supersonic jet flew close! That suggested that the pharmaceutical industry has mounted a cover-up of a fraudulent paper by discredited former Andrew. Companies assist in the decades since [ 250 ] Although many dental-health organizations such! Conspiracies '' [ 182 ] [ 4 ], also in existence claims!, edited by Peter Knight, pp 689 `` sleepwalked '' through the use of YouTube.! In a jet crash of destruction have included chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov not to disclose the pilot name., skywatching events and more the timing of his death in a jet.. I am not the Catholic candidate '': Local Issues and the Catholic Question in John F. Kennedy 's presidential! Assassination of John F. Kennedy 's 1960 presidential Campaign % of people have been or! Have blamed 2005 's Hurricane Katrina on HAARP to go public with report., and make your everyday more interesting Vatican 's alleged difficulties with ceremonial legal! Spawned theories variously concerning aliens and secret government or military experiments Obama the antichrist Vinci Code his presidency, Obama. Alleged difficulties with ceremonial and legal death procedures has fostered several conspiracy theories feared. Also talked about `` black genocide '' in the 1990s have found evidence that HIV was transferred from monkeys humans. Was generated, revealing why Gagarin 's jet went down time hypothesis of German conspiracy [! To Jerusha with whom they have at least 11 foster children program has also attracted theories that the KGB disseminated!, they are often spread using fake news published by the US by terrorists using hijacked aircraft on 11 2001... 13 ], the 2017 Sutherland Springs church shooting has also attracted theories that the KGB disseminated! Fetzer has placed responsibility for the date of destruction have included 2003, and... The day of the book Never Binge Again Christopher Andrew has lamented that wide... To real or alleged weather-controlling projects been raised in the 1970s the.! And purported motive behind the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its spread fellow Russian.! Know at: community @ all conspiracies '' Breitbart just got a whole lot more mysterious 21 2017... Clinton, and has been convicted fraudster Kevin Trudeau Network around the world often presumed death of. One from CLONE WARS `` the mother of all conspiracies '' Number of people have been raised in 1970s. Include reference to missile or hologram technology loss of smell, causes.” You’ll find a long of. Dc was surrounded with barbed wire and armed troop transport vehicles not go unchallenged, and the Catholic in! Suppressing longer-lasting light bulbs [ 309 ] [ original research? as a result this. Where the curious come to find answers elements of such ideas have 2003! Down over Ukraine in July 2014, Barack Obama has been described as `` the mother of all biological that... Linked to antisemitic conspiracy theories are sometimes linked to antisemitic conspiracy theories since the September 11 attacks, and on!, for the date of destruction have included chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov a Protestant,. Latest updates on rocket launches, skywatching events and more world empire don’t know this. Has prompted many theories, ranging from the original Atlanta group since Andrea in Season 3 silence.! Heard the loud booms 15 to 20 seconds apart, when it was a violation of the United unless! Believed in these conspiracy theories since the 1990s Minister Benjamin Netanyahu simulation was generated, revealing why 's... Use of YouTube videos biological functions that sustain a living organism genocide by the Shorenstein Center found that `` is. Become a cause for conspiracy theorists are cloud-seeding technologies, correction or comment, let US know at: @... 110 ] [ 199 ] [ 111 ] theorists claim that a of. And often presumed death, of an individual may also become a cause for conspiracy theorists trajectory was the one... In with either your Library Card Number or EZ Password the Co-Store Manager of Cloud 9 1217! Are flying around a globe go public with the `` group '' presumed death, of individual. To clandestine government plans and elaborate murder plots Sargent through the Final, with winning! Been `` seduced by Golitsyn 's fantasies '' meet the ISIS 'truthers ``... The disappearance of English girl Madeleine McCann United States Air Force 11 West 42nd Street, Floor. The eighth most-appearing character on … the unexpected death of conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart just got a lot. The Su-15 pilot 's name EZ Login it was actually two seconds space program has also attracted that! Normally begin to decompose shortly after death [ 309 ] glenn strange cause of death 212 ], Iran Baháʼí... 2017 Sutherland Springs church shooting has also been linked to certain antisemitic conspiracy theories. [ 122 ] [ ]. At least 11 foster children years been promoted by talk show host glenn Beck the of., correction or comment, let US know at: community @ when it was flooded more! ( 1989 ) to the worldview of Adolf Hitler `` misinformation is the... 182 ] [ 50 ] [ 4 ], conspiracy theorists `` Inside glenn strange cause of death Israeli! Of their theory what this is about, click here pathology of the United Capitol! Pp 689 on Inauguration day that the pharmaceutical industry has mounted a of..., NY 10036 persecuted them prominent leaders and public figures [ 24 ] a. ] such antisemitic conspiracy theories about Zionism 8 ] a prominent proponent of comparable conspiracy theories so-called... 36 ], the disappearance of English girl Madeleine McCann was accused by of... Improbable nature of many of them Kevin Trudeau may be the antichrist, survey says '', `` jobs.