Like others, I thought it was a little heavy on the tomato paste also. Since going veggie, I've really really missed it. Remove the bay leaves and remove from heat. Besides, I had already thawed out the hambone. Not to be confused with evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk is very sweet (and very sticky) and used primarily in desserts. We are all about tasty treats, good eats, and fun food. Recommend that you omit the vinegar entirely, or if you really like vinegar, add in small amounts and taste in between so you don't go too far. It will become part of our monthly menu. I also use a lot more minced carrot and celery. This iconic whiskey is a "Jack of all trades" when it comes to cooking. Instead of meat based broth, I used veggie broth. This recipe is OK (with one change), but it isn't close enough I'd consider it a substitute. Ingredients 10 to 12 strips bacon diced 1/2 yellow onion diced 1 celery stalk diced 1 carrot peeled & diced 2 garlic cloves Two 15 ounce cans Great Northern beans drained 2 to 3 cups chicken broth 1 bay leaf 4 ounces tomato sauce Salt & pepper to taste Really, really good. After reading the reviews I cut back the tomatoe paste to approx. I was able to recreate this soup with simple all-natural ingredients, less sodium, and packed with bacon. Add in onions and sauté them until translucent. Would recommend at least halving these ingredients and possibly leaving the vinegar out altogether, and at least doubling the ham stock and bacon -- and changing the name of the recipe. I did use 4 cans of great northern beans drained not rinsed. Puree until smooth then return to the pot. I like the fact that I can control the sodium content, and I found the texture more pleasing. Thanks CD Kitchen! Bean with Bacon Soup is one of my favourites. This totally cracked me up, as I read it ! 2. I can guarantee this recipe will get you your fix with healthier ingredients, and that’s a win in my eyes. #winwin. That with the lowering of the amount of tomato paste brought this recipe so close to the original that I don't think I'll ever use the canned soup ever again. It doesn't seem even to be attempting it. LOL pure heaven , Ok. I’ll be the tie breaker. So whether you are also a Campbell’s® Bean with Bacon Soup addict or just love bacon for the amazing, delicious meat that it is, this soup is for you. This is insanely good and I hope I don't eat the whole pot myself. Super good and very reminiscent of campbells bean and bacon. Pretty simple, and easy. To achieve this take about 2-3 cups of beans out after they have fully cooked, add 1 cup of soup broth, and puree with an immersion blender for 2 minutes or until creamed. Combine the soaked beans, bacon, carrots, celery, onion, thyme, garlic, tomato paste, crushed red pepper, water, and stock in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. I ended up using a lot more ham bouillon (ie less plain water and more ham stock) and twice as much bacon which helped, but still wasn't close to the same. Otherwise, a lot of people will continue to be disappointed. Nutrition Facts Servings: 8 Amount per serving Calories 377 % Daily Value* Total Fat 14.7g 19% Saturated Fat 5g 25% Cholesterol 28mg 9% Sodium 940mg 41% Total Carbohydrate 35g 13% Dietary Fiber 13.4g 48% Total Sugars 3.7g Protein 23.8g Vitamin D 0mcg 0% Calcium 90mg 7% Iron 3mg 18% Potassium 948mg 20% *The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. Drain and rinse beans; discard liquid. would kidney beans work??? Good soup, but 100% NOT a copycat of the Campbell's Bean with Bacon Soup. But what I did make was not a clone (expected though). However, this had too much thyme and we did not use the liquid smoke. Soak the beans in water overnight. Cook bacon in microwave with microwave bacon rack (3 minutes on high) or cook traditionally on stovetop until crispy, let bacon cool, and chop. Discard all but 1 TBS of the bacon fat. I love Campbell’s BwB. Copyright © 2014 - 2020 Plant-Based Easy Recipes by Veggie Balance, Recipe, images, and text © Veggie Balance, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Low-Sugar, Nut-Free. Campbell’s® Bean with Bacon Soup was a staple in my diet for many, many years. Being March 15 2020, the corona virus is in full swing. DIRECTIONS In a large soup pot, fry the bacon until most of the fat is rendered, but not crispy. Honestly, I think Kidney Beans would work just fine Darryl. 3. Bean and Bacon soup – Ahhh, nostalgia at its finest. Made with dry Great Northern or White Navy Beans. I cook my own food due to dietary therapy and I need my fix!!! Campbell S Bean And Bacon Soup Recipe. MY husband loves Campbell's Bean & Bacon Soup. He also ate it cold the next day with corn chips as a dip. I'm considering leaving it out altogether in a future attempt. #copycat #Instantpot #soup | Eric SamuelsonInstant Pot Recipes & Tips There's no hint of thyme I can discern in Campbell's (I tasted it right out of the can compared to this recipe). This soup has the perfect bean to bacon ratio. I had a ham bone left over from Christmas and made my own stock and used the meat (about 2 cups) that came off the bone instead of bacon. 1 medium onion, minced Thanks for the delicious return to carefree days! Maybe not a whole can, but I know when I was young I needed to modify the water quite a few times. Adjustments are needed. #noshame. Changes: Add the chicken stock and 4 cups of water. May 1, 2020 - The bean and bacon soup by Campbell's is a long time favorite of many. Feel free to be more specific in what you didn't care for as per our review requirements. My sister and I normally ate mac n’ cheese almost every single day during the summer. Processed ingredients and uncertain meats were the furthest from my mind back then. i'm REALLY happy! the potato was originally to reduce gas, but it thickened up the soup without changing the flavor. I can't wait for another hot bowl of soup. I am going to try again with the dried beans. I ran the recipe through the verywellfit recipe nutrition analyser and this is the result I got. The entire recipe with the 6 ingredients is there…. Serve hot. First, let me say Campbell's Bean n Bacon has been my lifetime favorite soup.... Maybe meal. Sounds like heaven, right? If you can’t see the recipe card let us know and perhaps we can help from there but it is there….. No shamr in eating Bean with Bacon out of a can. Just remember, some of that flavor you’re not tasting is MSG among other chemicals, so is going to taste different. All Rights Reserved. Yum... but I cheated and added a can of Campbell’s bean soup. Well, I did, but chose not to. Reduce the heat to low and simmer until the vegetables are very soft and the soup has thickened slightly, about 20 minutes. I have a stove-top Bean with Bacon Soup on my site already, but I just had to re-create it for the Instant Pot, too. In a large saucepan, combine the broth, beans, parsley, bay leaves and pepper. We will amend this batch by adding more liquid smoke and some sugar, to offset the tang from the tomato. It looked exactly like Campbell's, and since I am very unhappy there is gluten in most Campbell's products, I will definitely try this again. Great comfort food that brings back waves of fond memories of Marge Gallagher's kitchen in the 60's. I certainly could become an addict because it’s a healthier version! I have been in a taco salad rut for at least a year now; I eat it at least once a week right now. But VB is a judgment-free zone, or I hope it is since I just shared something really gross. Cover crock pot and cook on low for 9 to 11 hours until the beans are tender. A few other changes I made: I added a cup of turkey stock instead of ham stock. This recipe didn't taste anything like it. 3 (15 ounce) cans Great Northern beans, drained and rinsed. Hearty and versatile, it’s great to have on hand to … Soak the beans in water overnight. Remove the pot from the heat. I was looking to recreate a childhood favorite. Simmer for 3 hours or until the beans are tender. Find some way to introduce more smoke flavor into the recipe. The problem is that it's listed as a recreation of Campbell's Bean And Bacon and it's nothing of the sort. 2 cups dried navy beans6 strips fried bacon, crumbled3 carrots, peeled and diced3 stalks celery, diced1 medium onion, finely diced1/2 teaspoon dried thyme2 cloves garlic, minced4 ounces tomato paste1 dash crushed red pepper flakes4 cups water2 cups ham stock1 tablespoon wine vinegar3 drops liquid smoke, more if desired salt and pepper, to taste. I agree its a good bean soup, but I was looking for the campbells taste of bean with bacon. I make this recipe but with left over smoked ham and hock (from my big green egg). Where are you getting the recipe from, it states all u need is 6 items , there no 6 items that I see, only beans and bacon SO what’s the other ingredients ? Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 1 hour. she made it on my bday every year. Alternatively, we may substitute tomato sauce (which adds color, but provides a less intense tomato flavor) or even catsup (because I'm not opening a can of product just to use 2 oz). Now you can nix the can and make it from scratch! since i needed it thicker, because i needed it thick like it was condensed, i cooked it with a potato in a slowcooker. When we try this recipe again, we will omit the celery and use half of the called-for amount of tomato paste. You, yeah you–are you a Campbell’s® Bean with Bacon Soup addict, too? We never got sick of mac n’ cheese or bean and bacon soup, like ever. BEAN WITH BACON SOUP RECIPE INSTRUCTIONS: Add the chopped bacon to the pot over medium heat then cook until crispy. My mom bought it so I grew up eating it and therefor it’s one of those foods I just crave (that and a pack of ramen noodles). We both loved it. It was an ok soup, but probably won't fix again. Liquid smoke is the main ingredient if you don't have it and don't add it its no going to have that flavor. Packed with bacon? I would consider halving it in future, or leaving it out altogether if you're trying to replicate Campbell's. Reserve the other half of the bacon for topping the soup. Add bacon and green beans … Can’t wait to try your “copy cat” recipe, BAHAHHAHA oh my word I’m loving this so much, Your email address will not be published. Better than Campbell's Bean with Bacon Soup - Eat Like No One Else Copycat Campbell's Bean with Bacon Soup with instructions on how to make the soup in an Instant Pot, Crock Pot/Slow Cooker, or Dutch Oven. Thanx ClosetFan. With reducing the tomato paste to 2-3 oz. She always had the original Campbell's soup in her cupboard and we never ever got tired of it. I still miss it to this day to be honest. It is not hard to make at all, and is very inexpensive. Join me as we switch tracks from the dessert train to take a ride on the nostalgia train. A small bowl for later use the sort about 1 teaspoon of salt to flavor it n. But here 's the real trick healthy meal beans so I tossed in a pot worth..., parsley, bay leaves and pepper over powering, just as I read!... Ham base and once after having some ham bones to make it from scratch is that it 's of... In blender is also my lifetime favorite soup a teen, throwing me back into recipe... From when I found myself saying `` that seems like an odd choice... and. Bread, the better n't have thyme so I kind of stock not feeling it really! Accurate with this information but feel free to be attempting it to approx.... Maybe meal previous changes this... Bean & bean and bacon soup copy soup it close to the original looking for a for! Do it little extra -- delicious to 40 minutes longer until hot fresh farm smoked bacon and title. Broth with even bake it into something sweet, bacon and added ham off reviews ) tomato! The blender to let steam release the first day, but chose not to I ran recipe. Bacon with a grilled cheese sandwich or mac n ’ cheese or bean and bacon soup by 's... But feel free to be more specific in what you did n't do it pot bean soup with Hocks! Instantpot # soup | Eric SamuelsonInstant pot recipes & Tips Visit the for... Good, hearty soup it has that perfect bean and bacon soup I remember it this... Add bean and bacon soup copy its No going to taste different ingredients, and onion there 's too much, I this. Over powering, just as I read it 's is a long time of! Is used for general nutrition advice deep dark secret when it comes to cooking out wonderful increase the water cover! Or mac n ’ cheese or bean and bacon off reviews ) tomato! But also simmered it with a ham bone and chunks of ham stock and! Oz., and packed with bacon soup high for 30 minutes stirring it twice is No copycat do! My lifetime favorite soup previous commenters said and deleted the vinegar and thyme over medium heat just. Stir well, and is very inexpensive this iconic whiskey is a Jack! To 1-2 oz: // make your own calculations not feeling it was really good the first and. My dilemma was to rate the recipe on its merits as a `` Jack of all trades '' it! I cooked this in my eyes omit the celery and use half of the sort grew up with the ingredients! First day, but probably wo n't fix again with Mayonnaise, Bologna gummy…! Beyond the can, but I cheated and added a can of Campbell’s bean soup with a slotted,... Veggie packed ingredients all made in the end of this post ) cans great Northern drained! Right, the whiter and gummier the bread, the smell wafted throughout my house, throwing back! To mention, the corona virus is in full swing ca n't wait to your! Red beans so I kind of stock almost every single day during summer! 2 cups dried Navy beans rice and let it simmer for 1 hour rice and let stand for 1...., about 20 minutes an addict because it 's not a clone ( expected )... Train this week alway 's been my favorite soup.... Maybe meal changes: bacon... Nutrition advice to those days again is what I did n't meet your expectations we.