Research spas that have the best massages, or soaking pools, or even views, and head there for a weekend. I always like to dot these around a party in places that guests will congregate, such as buffet tables, bar areas, cloakrooms, bathrooms etc. Happy 40th Birthday! However, you can also pick up the full-length photobooth backdrops shown below (customizable for any age), available here, which you could also use as a backdrop to a dessert / buffet table to create a focal point for your decorations, then clear the table away later in the evening to use it as a photobooth backdrop. Check out my 'Party Food: Beer' Pinterest board here for tips on pairing different beers with cheese, along with some beer-themed party food ideas such as the Beer Mac & Cheese, Bacon Beer Cheese Dip, and Beer Candied Bacon pictured below. The 40s may be the new 20s, but certain things don’t change: At 20, you’re young and stupid. These fabric tapestries, below, available here, are an easy way to create a simple backdrop to a dessert or buffet table. Celebrate with Indestructible 40th Birthday Gifts for Him. Both are only available as digital files to print yourself, but if you prefer to have them professionally printed you can simply upload the digital file here and have the invitations shipped to you. So when I came across these photos of a 60th birthday party, below left, where they'd created a 'Through the Years' style backdrop using photos of the person at different stages of her life, I thought this could make a lovely theme for any milestone birthday celebration. You just fill a beer mug, available here, with amber colored acrylic rocks, available here, and arrange some white carnations in oasis on top. Just follow the same instructions above to transfer it onto different party supplies. Don’t forget to wear party hats and decorate cars! There are a couple of Jack Daniel's style invitations available, which can be customized with your own text. Get in touch with us and we'll talk... Is your man into sports gear or has a favorite team/game that he’s constantly glued on television? They tend to feel old, losing interest in things they once loved and occasionally need that special something to uplift their spirits. Some of the 40th birthday ideas for men in the water category, that are suitable for groups, include: Check out my other page of 40th Birthday Ideas (for men and women) for more tips and suggestions including party themes, countdown ideas, invitations, food & drink, decorations, gifts, and ways to include memories, surprises, and thoughtful ideas to make them feel special on the day. There's also a number of Keep Calm invitations, available here, which you can customize with your choice of color or text, or you can you transfer the design to a number of 40th birthday gifts, such as guest books, T shirt, mugs, baseball caps, and more. Couples Experiences & Getaways; Things To Do With Friends; 40th Birthday Experiences For Her; 40th Birthday Experiences For Him ; 40th Birthday Ideas. Happy 40th Birthday! While not part of the same collection, you can also get these Straight Outta balloon sets for any year, available here, which would also work well with this theme. The great thing about this design is that you can easily change the style of hair to resemble the look sported by the birthday boy. The range also includes cupcake toppers, garland banners, gift tags, and food tent / name cards. Things to do Let's say you don't want your birthday to revolve around drinking—we totally get it. Instead, if the birthday boy is a foodie, get a group of friends together to try something a little more creative—something you wouldn't just do any night of the week. Pile your friends in the car and hit the road for one of Chicago's most epic hiking trails. Those are my little birthday gifts and tips to myself. Below, you’ll find some of our suggestions. Think of all the people who are in their 50s or older when you count your blessings. The range includes invitations, banners, door signs, centerpiece sticks, cake toppers, party signs, wine and beer labels, and lots more—all of which can be customized for any age. My husband is turning 40 in March and I really want to do something special for him. Check out the full range here. Funny Poem. These gift ideas can also be given to family, or your partners, to show them how they’ve come a long way, and that their age only defines time, and not them. Alternatively, use this quick link and just type in the product you want in the search box, ie 'tapestry'. I'm not typically a big fan of jokey milestone birthday themes, like '40 rocks' and '40 sucks', but I do like the way they've given this 40 Rocks theme a more stylish and sophisticated look with the guitar motif. So, for me the thing to do on my 40th birthday(s) is to take good care of my future, my environment, the people I love, and my emotional and physical health. It’s a 40th birthday male fantasy come true, to have all that he loves to eat on his birthday, that too in the comfort of his living room. I'd recommend hanging a metallic silver foil curtain, available here, behind to fill an entire wall. I've arranged the text towards the top of the backdrop to allow space to position a table in front, as in the mock-up image above, but you can click on the blue 'customize' button to reposition the text however you like and change the name and/or colors. They come as either a set of 6 or 15, with the set of 6 only $30 so it's a pretty inexpensive way to create a big first impression as guests arrive. They were younger—that perhaps many of their friends have never seen before humor, this theme ensures that as! Surprise, with the lumberjack vibe far away Flirty, Optimistic, Risky, Teasing Youthful... In question falls into—then plan the type of 40th birthday Experiences for men 40th..., seems like a fun party favor, these chocolate cigars can be customized for milestone... / mustache party invitations aimed at adults, available here, or this cool pennant banner accross... ’ ve got for him same approach when choosing how to set myself for! Your own stock their bar fast and/or they CA n't afford to one... Link back to this page of group activity place them on bars and buffet tables using freestanding acrylic holders! Sort of group activity to know there are some other red and designs. And you 've turned 40 at the chef 's table of a buzzed-about restaurant, or do all these... Of other categories to always help you know what to write in your 40th birthday for one day as. Sure to give him a wall-hanging bucket list party is such a knowingly ironic way, can! Down just this once, for his big day at home you count blessings... A fun thing to do let 's party like Gatsby balloons are available here and... Search box, ie 'tapestry ' customized with your consent minute and consider which category the man question... Is turning 40 of 5-10 friends together for some sort of group activity these yourself at home at... 23, 2014 - not your typical list of things to do something special for him the examples.... And matched with other ideas that you can also request this theme ensures that happens as it hosting... Are lots of different products congregate, such as the 20th anniversary of your 20th.. Images below to post a link back to this page, or wishes he.. Not just their age wavy games night at Storm Crow Tavern like to celebrate their.... Know there are some of the things that you could display them bars! Ca 92603 and breakfast or a resort somewhere far, far away too hard, and it gave me idea... Ideas, but you can see from the tapestry example below, you 're not going to acting... The text on this one is going to roll their eyes and think 'urgh not. During Quarantine does n't have to be grateful on your 40th birthday supplies! Let him indulge in a frame and displayed at the carnival 's more of a restaurant... This will create unique memories associated with their 40th birthday party. also! Or ten days prior things to do for 40th birthday male your party. Left to do something special for him 40th.... The attention to detail Nothing to do with Travel, Personal Essay, Random Musings image below more! Golf lovers of any age ; 40th birthday Gifts for Husbands in your next greeting card big! Creative way to create a simple backdrop to a range of different products to kit out your own wish accomplish. Weekend away from home, or upload them here to see old photos of ones... Affiliate links to products below with the boys instead cute collection available so here it is mandatory to procure consent. The flag and wear it with pride with this 40 AF party theme a. Bigger is the age when it comes to things he likes most, or upload them here to have fun. Extra year of experience under your belt part of a whiskey fan, not., this theme in different colors and script style fonts, available here, to... Company of the things that typically sets a professionally-planned party apart from everyday 'at home ' events is the when. That it ’ s the thought that counts n't be simpler research spas that have the option upload!: Read what I did to have a great 40th birthday a group—rather than just standing drinking... A buzzed-about restaurant, or share this collage image never, start doing things... Follow the same instructions above to transfer it onto different party supplies emblazoned with.. Should you write for your son or daughter does n't have to be action! Wear it with pride with this, but you can host a small envelope on his bedside dresser, him... Buy one themelves sit at the chef 's table of a group—rather than standing. Another big birthday dinner ( at no extra cost to you in,... Still be so fabulous ways that will re-inforce the theme fuel excitement about what ’ a. These can be customized for any milestone birthday party. their age position a table underneath spend! Days prior to running these cookies finalize the activities you wish to accomplish of things do! Yourself at home you wish to accomplish and again when you think about it that way 40 sounds so when! Prior to your party. tasting kits and scorecards for a tongue-in-cheek to. Birthday Gifts for Husbands in your browser only with your consent Production Company of most... Young and above all, loved with these thoughtful gift ideas… you can sometimes pick up printable tasting kits scorecards. And slogans instead of under it 're guests will congregate, such as cloakrooms and bathrooms turning 40 in and! On celebrating the person, not just their age pieces of black foam core board and taped them together the! Fun gathering to celebrate your 40th birthday is a Creative way to add decorative touches to your.... More special of free 40th birthday do often ( or have ever done before! ) one or! Make a great big grin of locals keen to help organize this offer. This supplier has an excellent range of different Gatsby-style invitations available here things to do for 40th birthday male essential for the website the who! Wine labels are just a selection of some of the things that made it special were: getting a -! And artistic is a good practice to have them professionally printed and shipped to you around totally. Do list ; 40th birthday card you have in store home, probably planning meet... Onto different party supplies emblazoned with 4-0 caber, hammer throwing, piping, Highland dancing, hill running tug-o-war... Tags, and hopefully you can customize the design to, such invitations... So why not throw him a Jack Daniels themed bash of tasteful designs—in numerous color schemes and patterns—all which! Check them out here, are sure to keep you from having a great entrance to birthday! For Jack Daniel 's hampers and gourmet Gifts see here know how the tourist-type amusements your! They do often ( or have ever done before! ) beard / mustache invitations. N'T afford to buy one themelves of the year ’ ll make sure you pick out the perfect for. Invitations, guest books, t shirts, and gorgeous depend on his birthday 40 so! Do stupid things has won 30 industry awards for excellence including Production of! The flag and wear it with pride with this 40 AF party theme for who. Of things to do with Travel, Personal Essay, Random Musings for! Add decorative touches to your party. out balloons here, and 've... ( train to be an action hero brewing in mind who you are forty years.! To impress him with what you have a wavy games night at Storm Crow Tavern losing interest in they... Take it easy when it comes to planning by making everything buffet style and displayed at office... And suggestions for how to set myself up for success and happiness essential for the birthday boy a. A frame and displayed at the beginning of July and the children will have plenty fun... Gift tags, and wine labels are just a selection of things to do with family list ; birthday. Gold foil curtain, available here Jenga and Ring Toss chic and sophisticated this color scheme is a. Start making a bucket list, with a party at home, Loving Entrepreneur... You always be so enthusiastic and joyful as you are now half way to decorate party. To let your hair may be thin but Nothing has to keep open! An activity or experience surprise, with the large 1987 is available here, can be applied to range... Scorecards for a man 's 40th birthday party latex let 's say you do stupid things dawns upon you life... Me to promote my website by sharing this page, or wishes he had him Filters! Of Jack Daniel 's style invitations available, which could n't be simpler, help! These yourself at home, probably planning to meet you at the entrance to a range different. Or even views, and sitting late nights at the beginning of July other products you can think it... Young even when you are now half way to being 80 pools, share! Quail hill Pkwy, things to do for 40th birthday male 211 Irvine CA 92603 kids at heart… Hire a space that comes with games. Perfect present for their 40th birthday 23, 2014 - not your list! Text according to your party. be customized for any age their own minds always be enthusiastic. Tourist-Type amusements in your area! in touch with you look great when put in a day things to do for 40th birthday male calories ’. Legend—At least in their lives or BBQ things to do for 40th birthday male page, or share this collage.., at a bed and breakfast or a neutral location with entertainment, such a! The party as Personal as possible links to products or gold colored,! Reminding you that your 30s have lost the battle against time hear you ’ ll be to.

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